Knights of St. Andrew


Our regular meetings are held after the regular Valley Meetings at the Valley of Saint Joseph, 515 North 6th Street, Saint Joseph, Missouri 64501.


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History of the Knights of Saint Andrew

Tradition informs us that the medieval order of the Knights of Saint Andrew was formed in 1314, by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, to honor sixty-three Knights who, at the Battle of Bannockburn, with no prior notice appeared on the field of battle as a mounted unit, quickly turning the tide and defeating the English. The modern Order was fashioned on the noble example of those sixty-three Knights who came to the service of Scotland when she was in dire need. Ill. Weldon J. Good, 33°, of the Valley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, developed the first Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew in 1993 as a service organization.

Our Mission

The Knights of Saint Andrew exist as a club on behalf of themselves and as a service organization on behalf of all members of the St. Joseph Valley. They are under immediate supervision of the Secretary of the Consistory and provide services where they are needed. Our club’s overall mission is to develop leadership, organization and communication skills and to provide support to the Saint Joseph Valley through education, communication and fundraising.


• You must be a 32° Mason to receive full membership rights
• KCCH and 33° Masons may join as advisors
• You must be a member in good standing in the Scottish Rite Valley of Saint Joseph
• You must have a desire to serve without expectation of reward
• You must be committed to promoting our Fraternity in the best possible light


The membership of the Knights of Saint Andrew, Valley of Saint Joseph, pledge their allegiance to the Lodge of Perfection, Chapter of Rose Croix, Council of Kadosh and Kadosh of the Consistory, of the Valley of Saint Joseph, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Orient of Missouri, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America.


To Be a Knight of Saint Andrew

...lay aside all uncharitable and repining feeling; be proof henceforward against the suggestions of undisciplined passion and inhuman zeal; learn to hate the vices and not the vicious; be content with the discharge of the duties which your Masonic and Knightly professions require; be governed by the old principles of honor and chivalry, and reverence with constancy that Truth which is as sacred and immutable as God Himself. And above all, remember always, that jealousy is not our life, nor disputation our end, nor disunion our health, no revenge our happiness; but loving-kindness is all these, greater than Hope, greater than Faith, which can remove mountains, properly the only thing which God requires of us, and in the possession which lies the fulfillment of all our duties.

-Albert Pike
Morals and Dogma