Valley of St. Joseph and AASR Charities


Almoner's Fund

The Almoner's Fund consists of the freewill offerings of Scottish Rite Masons.  These offerings may be sent with the payment of dues or given when the box of fraternal assistance is presented during a meeting.  Its use is for the relief of the needy and distressed.  The Almoner distributes its funds without any publicity, so as not to embarrass the recipient.

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Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri

A not-for-profit public charity that has a 501 C 3 designation. All contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible. The Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri was founded in 1946 as the Scottish Rite Endowment, Philanthropic and Educational Foundations Inc. 

Mission statement:  To advance the efforts of all language impaired children by bringing them into the world of words and the joy of clearly understood or expressed ideas. In addition to providing a helping hand to young children who may have a variety of special needs. 

The Foundation through its Benevolence Committee helps children by providing some of the following: hearing aids, glasses, dental work, scholarships and surgery for those who have facial disfigurements. 

A deaf couple with a small child took turns staying awake at night, afraid that they would not be alerted to their child's crying. A new "baby cry alarm" enables the couple to sleep without worry, assured that the alarm will wake them when the child starts to cry. 

A boy born without an ear was shunned by other children because he was different. A plastic surgery operation created an outer ear for the boy, giving him the appearance of any other child. 

Those and hundreds of other cases are examples of the helping hand provided by the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri. 

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Rite Care

Rite Care-Scottish Rite masons helping children communicate 

Rite-Care Clinic - The Scottish Rite Foundation Clinic for the St. Joseph Childhood and Languages Disorder Clinic is a partnership with United Cerebral Palsy of Northwest Missouri located at:

3303 Frederick Ave. 
St. Joseph, Missouri 64506 
Join in helping us eliminate language problems for children

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