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The Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA, firmly believes that an educated Mason gets the most out of his fraternity. An educated Mason not only enjoys his Masonic experience more, but also receives the Craft better. With that in mind, the Scottish Rite, SJ, offers several opportunities for its members to expand their Masonic knowledge.

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program

The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman (SRMC) program is the flagship Masonic education program created and sponsored by the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ. It currently consists of three, by-mail correspondence courses, and the Group Studies program.

The books and tests for these programs are available at our Valley. We meet twice a month (check out the calendar and meetings pages for schedule dates).


Scottish Rite Research Society

The Scottish Rite Research Society (SRRS) formed in 1991, is one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary Masonic research, pursuing a publication program that emphasizes quality—both in content and in physical form. (Please note this link will direct you to the SRRS’s web site).

The College of the Consistory

The College of the Consistory is a free self-study program for Scottish Rite Masons of all Orients. The curriculum is facilitated by the Guthrie College and made available to all enrolled members. The College distributes to its members a syllabus of each degree of the Rite, which will provide ideas for essays and research papers. Each member can choose a topic from the syllabus, or is free to select a subject not included in the syllabus, provided that it represents a theme or topic concerning that degree.

Our Valley is proud to be a Remote Campus for The College of the Consistory. All College members and invited guests are welcome to attend our meetings which are called Festive Boards. Papers are chosen by the Board of Adepts, or the leadership of the Valley campus, and presented. Fine dining, festive toasts and fraternal songs accent the evening's blend of education and fraternalism.

Apply to Become a Member of the College.

Read more about the program.

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